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Guolin Semiconductor organizes business training


Recently, in order to strengthen employees' in-depth understanding of the semiconductor industry and enhance Guolin Semiconductor's comprehensive business capabilities, Qingdao Guolin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guolin Semiconductor") specially invited Dr. Luo Shizhou to conduct special training and business exchanges. Guolin Semiconductor and other subsidiaries of Guolin Technology participated in the training.

The training content is divided into seven parts: Guolin's current machine status introduction, basic knowledge of the semiconductor industry introduction, factory equipment requirements, ozone functions and application scenarios, 28nm process technology, functional water introduction, and cleaning table introduction. With his deep experience and knowledge in the semiconductor industry over the years, Mr. Luo shared the process flow of the semiconductor industry and the application scenarios of ozone in it from the shallow to the deep, so that the participants have a deeper understanding and understanding of relevant knowledge.

Through this training, everyone has a deeper understanding of the chip manufacturing process, cleanliness requirements, factory equipment requirements, 28nm process technology, ozone functions and application scenarios, etc., which is conducive to further enhancing the business level and competitiveness of Guolin Semiconductor.

The semiconductor industry is full of opportunities and challenges. Only by maintaining forward-looking thinking, improving industry awareness and professional ability, and maintaining a spirit of continuous learning and enterprising can we better explore the future of Guolin Semiconductor.



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